Speedvark make beautiful music together

Loyal and trusted fan, we can barely contain our excitement at the moment; not only do we have a new single out this week but we are also rehearsing to go into the studio next Monday to start recording our third album. Yes, Speedvark have been busily working away in their headquarters in Northamptonshire since the spring and we have now written enough songs to get started on the recording: we just need to learn how to play them.  We'll be recording drum and guitar parts for three tracks at the Parlour Studios in Kettering next week and will be taking the tracks away to finish them at home.  We are crossing our fingers that the master tapes are not stolen by a barn owl this time around: those of you who were with us through the 'Pigeon Pop' album will remember that particular fiasco and shudder. Modern technology being what it is, this should not be a problem this time around. 

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